The Queer Anthro Interstice: Winter 2022


Winter Semester 2022/23


Organizing Team: Omar Kasmani, Henrike Kraul, Anne Kukuczka, Claudia Liebelt, Ursula Probst, Max Schnepf

Interstice” noun[usually plural]: a space between things or events: […] “They might have to operate in the interstices of institutional guidelines and testing mandates.” – The Cambridge Dictionary

The German Anthropological Association’s Working Group “Gender & Sexualities | Queer Anthropology” continues its Queer Anthro Interstice, a monthly online meeting for all members and those committed to our cause. Rather than classical lectures, we encourage a collaborative and experimental exchange based on the idea of sharing: a sharing not only of research questions, designs and materials, but also of the challenges that we face in these interstitial times.

November 2

Moises Lino e Silva (Federal University of Bahia)

Minoritarian Liberalism: A Travesti Life in a Brazilian Favela (book presentation)

December 7

Serawit Debele (Universität Bayreuth)

Excesses of Pleasure: The Political Economy of “Wesib” in Ethiopia

January 4

Wikke Jansen (Freie Universität Berlin/Humboldt Universität zu Berlin)

Queer Mobilities: Intersections of Activism, Religion, and Everyday Life in Indonesia and beyond

Natalie Klyk (Europa-Universität Viadrina)

Re-thinking Rubin: Politics of recognition within the BDSM-Scene

February 1

Svati P. Shah (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

Field Sites from Failure: Lessons in Method from an Ethnography of Queer Radicalism in India

On the first Wednesday of the month from 5–7 pm, Online on Webex.

If you want to participate in our monthly colloquium, please send an email to

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