The Queer Anthro Interstice: Winter 2021

Winter Semester 2021/22

Organizing Team: Omar Kasmani, Anne Kukuczka, Claudia Liebelt, Ursula Probst, Max Schnepf

“Interstice” noun [usually plural]: a space between things or events: […] “They might have to operate in the interstices of institutional guidelines and testing mandates.” – The Cambridge Dictionary

Still caught in the pandemic, the German Anthropological Association’s Working Group “Gender & Sexualities | Queer Anthropology” announces the continuation of its Queer Anthro Interstice, a monthly online meeting for all members and those committed to our cause. Rather than classical lectures, we encourage a collaborative and experimental exchange based on the idea of sharing: a sharing not only of research questions, designs and materials, but also of the challenges that we face in these interstitial times.

November 3  


December 1

STEFAN BINDER (University of Zurich)
Ethics and Time: Or, how to “anthropologize” queer temporalities?

STEPHAN DUDECK (European University at Saint Petersburg)
Queer indigenous existences in Siberia

January 5 

MAX FUCHS (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg)
“It affected us but did not hold us back” – Queer Life and Activism in Namibia during Covid19-Pandemic

BANHISHIKHA GHOSH (University of Zurich)
Affective relations and disruptive possibilities: Wives, Lovers and Families of Chiyawali Kotis in India

February 2

VIOLA THIMM (University of Heidelberg)
How to research Queer Muslim Pilgrimage?

DUMITRITA LUNCA (Universität Hamburg)
Introducing the Intimate Luggage: Love, Sexualities and Gender on the Move

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